Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Most Amazing Northern Garden

Thompson, Manitoba isn't where I would expect to see the best private garden but that's exactly what happened.  I've been on garden tours, but I've never seen a more spectacular garden than this one which thrives north of the 55th parallel.  There isn't a blade of grass in the yard, only oversized, ridiculously beautiful blooms.  The owner showed my sister and me around and said he has hundreds stop to look each year. 

Right now the yard is a riot of dahlias and oriental lilies and the surprise was that orientals thrive so far north.  Enjoy!

The next one is American Dream and it's my favorite which will be added to my garden next year.  I checked my favorite lily suppliers and it's too late for them to send them out this fall.

Lots of blooms were bigger than my sister's head!  This garden made my day. 

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  1. Wow!! That makes my two pots of dahlias look sick and I thought they were doing well!! Gorgeous gardens!!