Saturday, August 19, 2017

Temporarily Home

We traveled home from Minneapolis yesterday with nothing much to amuse us except the bug splats on the windshield.
We may suck at selfies, but we know how to have a good time together.

Bob and I are home until ... well, we're home until Tuesday when we head to Montana.  We'll try have fun even though the Saskatoon Kings won't be with us.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Plants & the Fam

If you have no interest in plants nor in my immediate family, you may skip this entry for that's what it's all about.
We spent the day at Valley Fair amusement park and it was a blessing that it was a cloudy day which meant the crowds weren't large.

I love the landscaping.
Vanessa, you & I had trouble finding our annual ferns because this park has them everywhere.

It was a fun day for our family.  Riley was a real trooper, remaining happy while forgoing her nap.

After supper, Rob, Nathan & I went to our favorite bookstore.  Yes, book nerds have favorite book shops in every city they visit and this is ours.
Rob's birthday is tomorrow, but we celebrated tonight.  My favorite son is lucky his 32 candles didn't set off our hotel room sprinkler system.
Can you tell Riley picked the cake?
Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow, Rob!

Rain Delay ... No, Let's Make that a Postponement

We drove to Minneapolis today and had tickets for tonight's Twins' game.
We caught the train to the stadium.
We went in time for batting practice in the hopes that Rob or Nathan could catch a ball.
They are somewhere in this group of people.
Unfortunately their mitts remained empty.
The national anthem was played by this massive youth string orchestra.  They were amazing.  You can see their conductors on step ladders.
But what's this?  The tarp has been rolled out and there's a rain delay.

There was nothing to do but eat and take family photos.  I never dreamed of cheese curds in a canoe, but that's what I had.  Rob's history of dipping dots goes back to his childhood.

If this picture makes it look like the game has started, it's misleading.  These boys were looking at the jumbotron which had the words "rain delay" on it.
The "rain delay" turned into a postponement until tomorrow.  The Twins will play a double header tomorrow weather permitting.
An optimist would say "it could have been worse."  That optimist would be right.  Parts of Minnesota had tornadoes, one part had nine inches of rain, and the Chanhassen part of Minneapolis had two inches of rain in half an hour.  As we came back to the hotel, our phones gave off loud, abrasive noises which was a weather advisory to watch for flash flooding.  It could have been worse! 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

More Happy, More Crazy, More Busy

Yesterday was another day where we didn't waste any time.  Even scurrying about we didn't achieve a couple of our goals.  We didn't pontoon & we didn't kayak (sorry, Auntie Liz).  We didn't get a group photo taken at Vagabond where there is a cool, new place for one.  It just means next time we stay longer. 

We did a lot though and Nathan & Riley, with their vivid imaginations and endless energy, led us on.

We started the day driving to the Logging Camp for breakfast.  Little roads mean deer sightings (but not in this photo).
Breakfast is served logger (family) style.  I didn't think to take a photo until we had made quite a dent in the food.
We fed the fish in the river & enjoyed them jumping for their food.  We may take them on the road as a carnival act when Bob retires in July of 2018.

We always have a family portrait taken in this spot.  No one was around to take it for us so we did a not-very-good selfie on my phone.  I'll add it later.

After the Logging Camp we headed to downtown Park Rapids for a little shopping.
Did I buy too much fabric if Monica's gave me a cloth bag to carry it all?
This succulent bouquet was in front of one of the shops.  Look at the size of the plants.
The Minnesoda Shop is an annual stop.
Making an ice cream choice is serious business.

Here's a guilty pleasure:
From there we went to Evergreen Park for some mini golf and bumper boats.  Nathan got a hole-in-one.

Rob & Bob went off to golf and the rest of us went back to Vagabond for lake time.

Supper was under cover because of light rain.

The rain quit so we could enjoy a campfire.