Saturday, August 12, 2017

Dumb & Stupid Take to the Road

See these lovely keys and this lovely unlocked truck?  And see how the photo was taken from inside the truck?  
That's not quite our story.  We stopped for gas in Minot.  Bob never leaves his keys in the ignition, but he did.  I never get out of the vehicle without taking my keys, but I did.  Oops!  Our car won't lock with keys in the ignition, but our truck isn't that caring.  We were locked out; our keys were locked in.

Thank heaven we have belonged to CAA forever.  A fellow was with us within ten minutes and he had the truck unlocked in another three minutes.  No charge!  Have a nice day!  And our journey continued.

We drove in rain for a few hours and that was exciting for me as I haven't seen rain this year.  Perhaps home got some today too.

We're in Fargo for the night and went to a movie.
I won't recommend it and I won't not recommend it as we all have different ideas of what constitutes a good movie - right, Barb & Garnet?  I will say the acting is phenomenal.

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