Sunday, August 13, 2017

Are We Vagabonders or Park Rapiders?

Apparently vagabonds are people who wander without a home.  We have a home and we don't wander too far when we are in Park Rapids so, no, we aren't vagabonds.  However, when we get to Vagabond Village the owners, the Nelsons, welcome us anyway.  Thank goodness as we've never loved a campground as much as we love this one.
The bad news is that it's been a rainy, rainy day.  Rather than hoisting our tents in one of the numerous downpours, we got a hotel room.

Before that we hung out at the campground hearing a year's worth of news.  Who knew people cheat in ice fishing tournaments and who knew you can win big prizes like quads for catching a fish?

This is our happy place rain or shine.

Unfortunately for us today it was rain.  Notice Rob told Nathan to put on his best sad face, but Nathan couldn't do it.  He can't be sad here.

It was a good morning for a nap.

Our hotel has a pool, but we hope to be at the campground pool and lake tomorrow.  Pray for sunshine.

We went to The Chicken Coop in Dorset for supper ...
 and decided against the appetizer.
I love aqua; I love screen doors and I particularly love screen doors which lead into book stores. 

The door handle is an old thread spool.
The neighboring antique/vintage shop also has a screen door and it's another color I love.
We dug for treasures and Nathan is going to make some jewelry out of what we found. 

We have our cell phones turned off here as we are cheap people so I really feel we've reverted back to the time when telephones were like this.  And this phone actually predates any I am familiar with.
Surely they don't haul in the outdoor display each night.  How do they secure it?  If people here cheat in ice fishing tournaments, you would think they would also steal from displays such as this, but perhaps not.
Back at the hotel, I found these in my bed.  Do I dare sleep?
One of our two rooms is designated the craft and reading room.  Thank you Salvation Army for all the twenty-five cent books I bought. 
Bob & Rob have deserted to the other room called the Saskatchewan Roughrider room.  Who comes to Minnesota to watch the Riders?
It's time for all of you, my friends, to log off this blog and to pray for a sunny tomorrow in Minnesota.

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