Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Really? A Blog Entry from Home??

Talk about strange.  The Kings have been home all of this summer.  First I was waiting for a minor surgery, then I was having it, and finally I was recovering from it.

There have been advantages.  One is that Bob has done the bulk of the yard work.  Another is that we have a deck on the front of our house so I just sit out there and, before long, someone will spot me and join me so I've done lots of visiting.  

A final benefit is the beauty of our yard.  I said to a neighbor "our yard has never looked so good."  Her response was "your yard always looks this good.  You're never home to see it."  

Let me share some yard photos with you.  You'll notice that they are in totally random order, but mainly from most recent and then backwards in time.

Thank you one inch johnny-jump-up for growing in a crack in our driveway.

Since we haven't had rain this year, you can assume the droplets on this iris are from watering.  Bob has been the water boy and I am happy to give him job references.
Some of you are old enough to remember when LBJ showed the press a surgery scar.
Has that inspired me to show mine?  Uh, definitely not.

Bob & I are going to use the last weeks on August to travel.  On Saturday we are off to Park Rapids, Minnesota for our 31st year. We'll be there with four of our five favorite people.

After that we are off to Montana.  Stay tuned.

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