Saturday, June 18, 2016

Torquay Quilt Show

Lots of ladies from our Weyburn Quilt Guild and many others took time this beautiful day to drive to Torquay to see what the ladies there have been busy with.
As we got closer to Torquay we saw these beautiful, wooden "anticipation blocks" created by Christa and Justin. 

Here are some of the ladies who created the show. Congratulations to all the Torquay Guild.
I can't begin to show you all the superbly crafted pieces, but here are some of them for you to enjoy.  I should add that the colors aren't always true as my camera didn't always like the lighting.
This was made by Christa Marcotte.
These two lovely ladies are blocking the view.
Here's the quilt behind them which was stitched by Jane Marcotte.
Who could ask for a cheerier vendor?
Christa made this one too.  Never ask her what she paid for the pattern!

Look familiar, Weyburn ladies?  A number of us took the Cathedral Window class.
When these ladies make bags, they make bags!  This is a small sampling.  The one in the left front is a lunch bag Terry Whitman made.  Dare I admit I take my lunch in brown paper bags from Dollarama?
Vernelle Rasmuson made this kaleidoscope.
Terry Whitman created this.  Look at the fantastic, unbelievable machine quilting.

This meticulously hand quilted piece was made by Narrie Lowe.
Look at the beautiful hand quilting.
Christa paper pieced this.  I know lots about PPing but I would never be brave enough to try this.
This is also Christa's.  I love how it is quilted to look like a postcard.

Here's my favorite block on this quilt.
Here's one of my favorites.  Terry Whitman created it.
Terry tries many techniques as shown by this hand appliqued quilt.
This one by Vernelle Rasmuson inspires me to get back to making four patch posies.
Here are two Farmer's Wife quilts.  There was a third as well.
The first is by Christa.
The second is by Tracey Holzer.
Here's another favorite of mine.  Charlene Wimmer who belongs to us (we just lend her to the Torquay Guild!) stitched it.
It's called Belly Button Bears and on the tag Charlene wrote, "I love buttons!"  Well, Charlene, get over here as I have gallons and gallons of them.

The green bargello is by Laurie Loewen and the one on the right is by Terry.
This adorable colt is also by Terry.
As we were driving home, we were deciding Best of Show.  It can't be done.  There were dozens more quilts than what I've shown and they are all fabulous.

As if these treasures weren't enough to see, the Torquay Guild had a Bed Turning.  This bed had layer upon layer of some of their members' early quilts and recent quilts.  They shared stories that were humorous, that were touching, that were tear-inducing.  The stories the members shared added another layer to the quilts.

Can you guess if this next one is an early quilt or a recent quilt?
More Wow!
The room was beautifully presented.  Here are sewing machines and embroidered lovelies.

There were a few antique quilts.  Look at this quilt and read its story.
After the bed turning, it was time for tea.  How enchanting this area was and how tasty the dainties.  Torquay friends, could you write a recipe book next?

And, yes, when I'm at friends' houses having tea, I switch around cups to use the one I like the best.  I did it here too.
I'm inspired!

Fabric Bombing

Jaynie doesn't like the look of a blank fence.
She asked some of us to fabric bomb the fence.  It really doesn't matter that she and the rest of us were clueless about how to do this.  We advertised for free fabrics and got started.

Before we knew it, Michele had a stone wall and sky creation.  I love the birds!
Terry created a sunrise.
Jaynie did a prairie landscape with grain bins.
She also had time to create a dandelion.
I went for the abstract.  Abstract what?  I have no idea.
These are down by the river on the fence at Refresh Bar.  Stop in and get yourself a cool drink or some good food while you are there.  Tell them you appreciate them letting the fabric bombers have some fun.