Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Thoughts from Home

There's a gardening reason that I'm glad to be home.  Is it ...
because my potted plants look so good?  No.
...because my pond plants & fish are thriving?  No.
... because some perennials that I forgot I planted last year are beautiful?  No.
...because my peonies are in full bloom?  No.

... because I like some of the colors together?  No.
... because my irises are large and fluttery?  No.

Is it because I came home to self-seeded amaranthus wreaking havoc in my vegetable garden?  Well, partly.
It's because when the vegetable patch is that weedy, I can really see my progress once I have gone through and ruthlessly pulled the weeds.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happily Home

I would like to thank the following gentleman for writing plays which inspired the Stratford Festival.  I'd also like to recognize the other playwrights, the actors, and all the others who work to put the Festival together.  When I asked Elizabeth how many work for the Festival, she said she wasn't sure but has been told that for every actor there are another ten employed.  
I love the Tom Patterson Theatre where Elizabeth was employed and I want to congratulate her on now being an Equity member.  Elizabeth, I love seeing your dreams and goals come true.

Right after the Sunday afternoon Taming of the Shrew performance, we started home.  We looped Chicago on tollways which are way less busy than the freeways and by late that night we were in Elgin, Illinois.
We drove in rain through Illinois and Wisconsin, but found the same dry conditions in Minnesota and North Dakota that Saskatchewan is experiencing.
We treated ourselves to Hu Hot Mongolian food in Fargo, but didn't have many stops other than that so I was home by 1:30 this afternoon after 2,545 kilometers.  Good driving, Elizabeth!
Elizabeth doesn't find me the most enjoyable passenger and I don't blame her.  I tend to reach for the dashboard whenever I think other vehicles are too close.  It's not that I don't trust her driving or the drivers of the other vehicles; it's just how I am.  I thank her for not duct taping my hands to my lap!

In this photo I am trying to give two thumbs up for our time together (especially that in the car) but Elizabeth is dragging down one thumb.  Perhaps we see it differently.  However, she's got to admit that me practicing my French at the border was hilarious.
Tomorrow I'll post the reason I'm happy to be home.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Rainy Days & Sundays NEVER Get Me Down

I apologize to the Carpenters for crucifying their title to create my title.

I started my morning with coffee at Balzac's, a top rated coffee shop here.
It was raining this morning

 but I really wanted one last walk down some of Stratford's prettier streets and I had my trusty umbrella from Glenda, so why not?  Water Street (which isn't on the water) and Cobourg Street are both very shady streets and it's interesting to see how people landscape shady yards  They do it very well.

Does everyone in the area keep a beautiful house and a beautiful yard?  Maybe not.
I saw this for sale sign for the following house
and thought this $1.89 million dollar home could be where Bob & I settle in retirement, except .....

it has this hideous concrete block in front of it with letters removed.  I wonder if it used to be a funeral home.

This afternoon I see my last Stratford show and then Elizabeth and I pull out and hope to be on the other side of Chicago by midnight.
"raindrops on roses ....."

Days & Plays Are Ticking Down

This morning I went to the Stratford Farmers' Market and it cannot compare to the St. Jacob one but it is still 100 times or more better than Weyburn's little half-hearted attempt at a farmers' market.

It's held at the Rotary Complex which is actually the fair grounds that has a couple of impressive buildings on it.  The route to it is well marked so Rotary gets its name on signs many times ... good marketing, I say.
Just seeing the berries here makes me want to tell my scone story.  I stopped at Revel Caffe for a lunchtime scone the other day and asked if they had any raisin scones.  In a friendly but commanding voice, the waitress said, "Ma'am, we don't make raisin scones when strawberries and raspberries are in season!"  Point taken.  I ordered a raspberry one.

Surprisingly I saw very little rhubarb at either market.  Lots and lots of asparagus though.

Some poor kid must have to scrub potatoes before they get to the market.  I've never seen cleaner potatoes including the ones you eat at my house when I invite you over.

Elizabeth won't believe me when I say the apple fritters here are just as good as the ones at St. Jacob Market but they truly are.  And the price is the same ... $1.25.  Leah, because you wondered:  no, these never come home with anyone; they are eaten on the spot similar to your cinnamon buns in the parking lot of Cobbs.
Our pre-theater treat before Carousel was a butterscotch dipped ice cream cone Jenn & Larry's Brittle and Shakes.  We ate them by the river where we watched a fisherman catch a fish and enjoyed the ducks, kayaks, tourist boat, etc. etc. 
Stratford cafes look after your pets.
Rob, it may be a lost cause, but people are trying.  These signs are everywhere.
I saw these two shows at the Avon today.