Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Shakespearean Calamity

Let me tell about my day in chronological order which means we will get to the calamity a bit later on.

That dear Bob King got up at the ridiculously early hour of 3 a.m. to get me to the plane in Regina.  This is a very busy day for him as it is graduation day at the Comp, but he never complained once, nor did he put on a snarly face.  Thanks, Bob!

Can you spot me leg in this photo and can you see the two empty seats beside me?  That's not because this was taken before everyone found his seat; it's because most of us on the plane had three seats to ourselves.  This is the first time since about 1989 that I've been in a nearly empty plane.
Even in the early morning light, I could see that Saskatchewan is starting to turn green.
Elizabeth was waiting at arrivals at the Toronto Airport and she took me to IKEA so I could restock my ziplock bags supply and then we were off to this El Savadorian taco place in Koreatown.  The food was delicious including the pupusa which I had never tasted before.
We then stopped at Moon Bean Coffee in Kensington for iced London fogs to sip on the way to Stratford.  I spent longer than absolutely necessary in their washroom as I enjoyed reading all the graffiti, especially love is as easy as winter.  Who expects poetic lines in a washroom?

We stopped in the village of Shakespeare to buy supper and that's where calamity struck.
We bought these beyond-delicious goodies and headed out of the store.
I tripped on their crumbling curb and went flying ... well, flying two feet before gravity took over.  I landed partly on my hands but mostly on my face.  My glasses smushed to my face and a goose egg popped up on my forehead.  My knuckles are pulpy from where I tried to break my fall.
A quick trip to an optometrist in Stratford straightened my glasses and the only long lasting part of the fall is Elizabeth constantly saying "watch your step" or "CURB!"
If Shakespeare was alive, he would probably work this calamity into one of his plots.  He already has his title:  All's Well That Ends Well.

We did have time to visit my favorite shop in Stratford and only Leah and Barb will know what's in this bag.  The rest of you will want to stop at my place for tea or coffee this summer to see my treasures.
I had a very early night and slept through my alarm this morning (the 9th) so I'm ready for more adventures, albeit not the tripping kind.

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