Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happily Home

I would like to thank the following gentleman for writing plays which inspired the Stratford Festival.  I'd also like to recognize the other playwrights, the actors, and all the others who work to put the Festival together.  When I asked Elizabeth how many work for the Festival, she said she wasn't sure but has been told that for every actor there are another ten employed.  
I love the Tom Patterson Theatre where Elizabeth was employed and I want to congratulate her on now being an Equity member.  Elizabeth, I love seeing your dreams and goals come true.

Right after the Sunday afternoon Taming of the Shrew performance, we started home.  We looped Chicago on tollways which are way less busy than the freeways and by late that night we were in Elgin, Illinois.
We drove in rain through Illinois and Wisconsin, but found the same dry conditions in Minnesota and North Dakota that Saskatchewan is experiencing.
We treated ourselves to Hu Hot Mongolian food in Fargo, but didn't have many stops other than that so I was home by 1:30 this afternoon after 2,545 kilometers.  Good driving, Elizabeth!
Elizabeth doesn't find me the most enjoyable passenger and I don't blame her.  I tend to reach for the dashboard whenever I think other vehicles are too close.  It's not that I don't trust her driving or the drivers of the other vehicles; it's just how I am.  I thank her for not duct taping my hands to my lap!

In this photo I am trying to give two thumbs up for our time together (especially that in the car) but Elizabeth is dragging down one thumb.  Perhaps we see it differently.  However, she's got to admit that me practicing my French at the border was hilarious.
Tomorrow I'll post the reason I'm happy to be home.

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