Sunday, June 14, 2015

Rainy Days & Sundays NEVER Get Me Down

I apologize to the Carpenters for crucifying their title to create my title.

I started my morning with coffee at Balzac's, a top rated coffee shop here.
It was raining this morning

 but I really wanted one last walk down some of Stratford's prettier streets and I had my trusty umbrella from Glenda, so why not?  Water Street (which isn't on the water) and Cobourg Street are both very shady streets and it's interesting to see how people landscape shady yards  They do it very well.

Does everyone in the area keep a beautiful house and a beautiful yard?  Maybe not.
I saw this for sale sign for the following house
and thought this $1.89 million dollar home could be where Bob & I settle in retirement, except .....

it has this hideous concrete block in front of it with letters removed.  I wonder if it used to be a funeral home.

This afternoon I see my last Stratford show and then Elizabeth and I pull out and hope to be on the other side of Chicago by midnight.
"raindrops on roses ....."

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