Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bring Down the House Lights

Today starts my theater binge with the first two of ten shows.

The Physicists is one of the two plays Elizabeth is working on ...
working on when she isn't reading books at the stage door.
She really wasn't sluffing off; she was waiting for me after her rehearsal.
The Sound of Music is at the Festival Theater where there is a sizable gift shop.  Both the show and the gift shop were teeming with student groups.  An elderly couple were holding hands and heading into the gift shop when the fellow saw the many, many students.  "You CAN'T make me go in there!" he stated and dropped her hand and headed out.

Walking to the show, I saw these dogs lolling in the window.  My poor Finn doesn't have such a place.
Today I spent time walking in the Shakespearean Garden and along the river.  The city gardeners are just putting in bedding plants now as the ground is very saturated.  The river is very high and muddy from excessive rains.

Here's a safety crossing guard.

I definitely liked some of the gift shop items.

Eliz & I had great appies for supper.  There's also a photo of me from yesterday's taco place.

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