Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Date Day

Notice that I have two tickets for each of today's performances.  That's because Elizabeth can go to one of them with me and her friend Eli can go to the other.  As much as I enjoy talking to the strangers around me at shows, it will be a treat to chat with someone I know.
The Diary of Anne Frank was so well done with one of the most imaginative, creative sets I've ever seen.  The play opened with the actors lining up and saying who they would be playing and then telling of a connection they had to the war.  The ending was poignant and effective.

In the lobby, you could read part of the diary aloud and your reading would be added to a loop that plays before the show and during intermission.  The war is still everyone's story and this is another way of symbolizing this.
Last night I got to go backstage with Elizabeth and I enjoyed seeing this bunting in the office area:

I like to go to thrift stores when I can, so I stopped to see what the Goodwill had.  Here's a sampling:

Ha!  Ha!  I guess people in Bieber's hometown down revere him & these "treasures" get dusty at the thrift store.

Today Elizabeth and I drove over to the little town of Millbank to eat at Anna Mae's which was recently featured on You Gotta Eat Here.  The meal was worth the trip as was the Shoo Fly pie for dessert.  Shoe Fly pie got its name because flies were attracted to the sweetness of the molasses in it, so the baker had to shoo them away.  Ironically the town of Millbank has neither a mill nor a bank.
Just around the corner from where Elizabeth lives, there is this sizable home for retired actors,  Elizabeth told me that there are a number of these across Canada.  I wonder what their Seniors' Christmas shows are like!
As I've been walking up and down the beautiful streets of Stratford, I've been admiring gorgeous entrances.  Here are a few:

We don't have any quite as fancy on Staveley!

Peonies are almost finished blooming here, but I learned where are yellow and salmon ones.  I thought they only came in white, pink & burgundy.

It's time to head off to Pericles the second of the shows Elizabeth worked on.

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