Friday, June 12, 2015

'Twas a Rainy Morning

I had this morning to browse some stores and the downtown area and to walk by the river.  Most Stratfordians (Stratfordites?) whether two legged or two winged don't seem to be bothered by rain so I decided I wouldn't be either.

Some plants looked beautiful in the rain.

The two shows I saw today were Hamlet at the Festival Theater here in Stratford
and Chicago at the theater in St. Jacob.
Both were good but Stratford really should have fired the costume designer for Hamlet.  Her vision for it was insane.

I found this door on a building downtown.  I'm thinking of doing something similar at 618 Staveley.  Any objections, Vanessa?  LOL
I was looking at upper stories of businesses in the downtown area trying to decide which one I would want to rent an apartment in.  Which would you choose?

My choice is the last one with the big window filled with flowers.

For those of you who used to love London Mints and cried when they were no longer available, this marvelous chocolate store makes some that taste just like them.  Come visit me when I get home to see if I brought any back.

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