Monday, May 29, 2017

BC Plants

I admit I know next to nothing about the vegetation we saw in British Columbia.  All I know is that I liked it all ... both the wilds of nature and the manicured plants of Vancouver.  

Here's one of the bushes I do know.  It's Russian sage and it is a magnet for bees.
But what are the rest?  Look at this tree:
And these bushes.
I know this one is wisteria.

Here's another one I know.  Roses were just starting to bloom.

Now I'll go back to admiring my petunias and marigolds.  LOL

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Urban Fare

Bob & I love browsing through grocery stores when we travel.  We had time before seeing Elizabeth's show so went into Urban Fare in the Olympic Park area of Vancouver.  We wonder how people can afford to live in the area as housing prices are unreal, just as they are in all Vancouver.  Prices in the store were high too so we wondered how people afforded the housing and the food.

There was lots of neat food and drink.  Check it out.
I'm sure they have these in our 7-11 at home.  We just haven't spotted them yet.
I wondered about the different number of years on these until I noticed that the milk bottle at the back is two years old.
Elizabeth, the price of this tells why Neverland Tea Salon only gave us a teaspoon of it for three scones.  It costs $8.49 for 170 grams.  I'll have to continue making my own clotted cream.

We were told that Vancouver and Whistler do a lot of recruiting in Australia for young workers.  This store sells kangaroo meat ... a niche market, I'm sure.  These sliders were right beside the wild boar sliders and the bison sliders.
And we found these!  They are like the cheese Giovanna's family brought from Brazil.  If Elizabeth had a barbeque, I would have bought them.

The store has a front part where you can buy salad, soup, and entrees and it has a nice seating area.  It's a place to grab some quick food.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Extensive Personal Research

After several days of personal research, I have come to the conclusion that the sun always shines on Vancouver.  Sometimes I hear rumors of rain, but they must be just that - rumors - as we've seen nothing but sunny, warm weather.

We needed our obligatory three person selfie.
Breakfast on Friday was at Da Dutch.  I threw a quarter on my pancake to give idea of scale.  Luckily the pancake was flat ... flat as a pancake, haha ... so there weren't too many calories in it.
These steps leading to the water by Olympic Park seem like they should be from ancient Egypt.  More likely they were created in 2010 for the Vancouver Olympics.
We had another couple of early morning Scrabble games.
The bird watched us play and, just like us, took time to look at the water.
The water was so still on Friday and that yellow kayak in the photo has significance.
It's Liz and Bob.
Never fear; Bob sun screened the top of his head.
Elizabeth and I had tea at the Neverland Tea Salon in Kitsilano.  The decor is industrial chic meets British manor house
  Below you can see the fellow blending our teas.

Elizabeth's place was set with the ugly teacup on the left.  I suggested she trade it for a prettier one, but she thought it was fine.

Jocelyn and Marty, do you agree my tea partner could be Marie?  I think there is a striking resemblance cousin to cousin in this photo.
We liked that the bill had a quote on it.
Quotes could be found on the walls as well.
I fell in love with this pillow.
Yesterday evening we saw Liz's show.  We saw it on Broadway awhile back and this was equally good.  The pace and craziness are phenomenal.  And the blood!  Oh, the blood!
Here's the warning on the door to the theater:
Here's part of the ad in the Vancouver Sun.  
I must not stereotype!  I must not stereotype!  In the lounge before the show I pointed out an elderly couple to Bob and said I thought they were the ones most likely to get up during the show and leave in disgust.  The woman had on floral pants and shiny, white runners and both had scowl lines etched on their faces.  
I must not stereotype!  I must not stereotype!  We took our seats and the couple were right beside us.  It turns out they are theater fanatics too and have seen many of the shows we've seen.  Although Book of Mormon didn't appeal to them, this show did.  I was ashamed that I pre-judged these strangers.

On to a new subject:

Both of these stickers appeal to me.

But, Rob, isn't it a federal offense to deface a postbox?  
These two stickers and many more were on this Canada Post box north of Whistler.

We are home now in windy, dry Weyburn.  We had an amazing few days in Vancouver and are planning a return trip in September.

Although our trip is over, I do plan to add a couple more blog entries: one about the vegetation and one about the food and drink at Urban Fare.