Thursday, June 11, 2015


Barb wondered about the wild weather we were getting around here on the 10th.  Elizabeth & I didn't know about it until Bob phoned to check since Stratford escaped it all and we hadn't been paying attention to media.  There were tornado warnings an hour from here and Toronto had flooding,  but here the weather remained perfect.  The only evidence we saw of it in our travels, was one place there was a temporary electric sign on the highway saying "watch for ponding."

Have you been wondering what type of accommodation I have here in Stratford?  I have the best kind with this comfy bed and a really, really nice landlady.

Today the afore-shown landlady Elizabeth had the day off and we made the most of it.

We started the day at the famous St. Jacob farmers' market.  It was a day of celebration there as they had just opened the huge, new building which replaces one which burned down two years ago.  Not all indoor booths were up and running but many of them were.
  Here are some of the items we admired: fritters

... square butter tarts.  What were they made in??

...nosegays made of smarties

The outside vendors were impressive too and we came home with huge numbers of strawberries and raspberries.
Ferns, Vanessa.  Ferns!

I took the mushroom picture from the wrong side.  It doesn't show the containers of mixed mushrooms you can buy ... some of every type all in one basket.
We found knitted bunting.
I can see why Elizabeth gets up at an ungodly hour on Saturdays to come to this market.

From St. Jacob we drove to Niagara on the Lake where we never got close to the lake.  We were there to see the musical Sweet Charity.  The sell-out show was in an 850 seat theater and I can guarantee Elizabeth was the youngest one there.  The surprising thing is that at age 59, I was probably the second youngest there!  Most of the audience was off tour buses and there were lots of canes, a good number of walkers, some wheel chairs and some oxygen tanks.  Hats off to these seniors!  I never want physical restrictions to end my chance to see live theater and I'm glad these people don't either.
We had time to eat in a charming Irish pub and we found room for ice cream from a well-known gelato place.  I also had time to enjoy looking at homes, yards, and blooms.  Take a look.

Here are my two favorite quotes from the day:


  1. Looking as gorgeous as Quebec was!!!

  2. If the Weyburn farmers market were one tenth of St.Jacobs it would be so wonderful.