Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fabric Bombing

Jaynie doesn't like the look of a blank fence.
She asked some of us to fabric bomb the fence.  It really doesn't matter that she and the rest of us were clueless about how to do this.  We advertised for free fabrics and got started.

Before we knew it, Michele had a stone wall and sky creation.  I love the birds!
Terry created a sunrise.
Jaynie did a prairie landscape with grain bins.
She also had time to create a dandelion.
I went for the abstract.  Abstract what?  I have no idea.
These are down by the river on the fence at Refresh Bar.  Stop in and get yourself a cool drink or some good food while you are there.  Tell them you appreciate them letting the fabric bombers have some fun.  


  1. I'm already making plans for next summer. They WILL be fast as easy though.

  2. Just about to do the same to my front fence, and, looking for inspiration, found your example. I'm using strips of recycled op- shop clothing.