Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Traveling Vicariously & Traveling

I'm thankful for Facebook and other forms of social media, especially in the summer when friends are traveling.  Glenda, do you remember the "olden days" when we shared our trips with each other via postcards?  How stone-age was that!

Thanks to electronic media I was able to track travels to the Cypress Hills, Hawaii, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Bruges, Boston, Newfoundland & Labrador and many more places.

For the next few days you can track us in Montana.

I'm always fascinated that a eleven hour drive can take us from this
to this.

Here's how Bob looks for those eleven hours
and here's me.
You know you're in Montana when a Slurpee favor is huckleberry.
Here's our home for our stay.
It has the requisite screen door.
Riley and Nathan, we should have stolen you from your parents and brought you along.  All the one room/one bed cabins were taken so we got a two room cabin that has an ordinary bed and two sets of bunks bed.  You each could have a top bunk!  Plus the Whitefish KOA has all kinds of cool bikes, a petting zoo, and unlimited free mini golf.  There's also a big games' room and a couple of little bumper boars.  Want to come next year?  We could even bring Mommy and Daddy if they are willing to sleep in bunk beds.
Just like at home it is incredibly dry here.  This area had just 0.7" of rain in July.  There are no forest fires near here, thank goodness, but there are bad ones in other parts of Montana.
Although it's dry, hay crops look fine.

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