Thursday, August 17, 2017

Plants & the Fam

If you have no interest in plants nor in my immediate family, you may skip this entry for that's what it's all about.
We spent the day at Valley Fair amusement park and it was a blessing that it was a cloudy day which meant the crowds weren't large.

I love the landscaping.
Vanessa, you & I had trouble finding our annual ferns because this park has them everywhere.

It was a fun day for our family.  Riley was a real trooper, remaining happy while forgoing her nap.

After supper, Rob, Nathan & I went to our favorite bookstore.  Yes, book nerds have favorite book shops in every city they visit and this is ours.
Rob's birthday is tomorrow, but we celebrated tonight.  My favorite son is lucky his 32 candles didn't set off our hotel room sprinkler system.
Can you tell Riley picked the cake?
Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow, Rob!

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