Thursday, July 2, 2015

My Personal Hero Is Jaynie Himsl

Today I spent over three hours admiring the fibre art around town and it's all here because of Jaynie.  I love her vision for this and also her unending, hard work to make it all happen.  Jaynie, my thanks for this incredible two month show.  I know I will return to parts of it again and again to let the creativity of the pieces seep into me.

I took over 250 photos and they do not do justice.  I recommend any of you within a 1000 kilometres of here make it your goal to see it all.  Allow yourself a day!  Come more than once!

Jaynie's work is featured at the Credit Union which is at 205 Coteau Avenue.
The Allie Griffin Gallery at the Weyburn Public Library (45 Bison Avenue) features a show called Abstractions from the Fibre Art Network.  One artist has rendered a representative piece while another artist has used that to inspire an abstract piece. 
On the left is a representative piece by Jenny Perry and on the left is Victoria Gray's abstract interpretation of it.
Here fibre artist Judith Panson has created the representation and Kathleen Hamann Buckoski has created the abstract work.
Forgive the lighting on the pieces and the quality of my photos.  Perhaps it's time to give up my ten year old, $90 camera.

The gallery at Signal Hill (424 10th Avenue South East) has an intriguing show open to all stitchers who wanted to enter a 12" by 12" piece.  I'm proud to say that nine of our guild members took the challenge as did at least two of my Regina Artist Trading Card friends.  There are over 50 works on display including a three dimensional piece.  
This one is the creation of Paula Jolly. 
At any location you can pick up an Art Walk map.  Various businesses in town are displaying fibre art.  Some show a single artist while other businesses have the works of two or three.
The businesses have yarn bombing outside them or near them so you can easily spot your destinations.
Tommy Douglas is the only non-fibre item featured on the Art Walk.  We don't want our visitors from out of town to miss this sculpture on our riverbank.  I think he would look good yarn-bombed, but city council may not agree.
One work featured is this one which Martha Cole created in 1981.  It's on permanent display in our city but I wonder how often we locals actually stop to admire it.  Again, forgive the lighting and photography; her sky does not look like this.
Another show will be in the city but isn't yet mounted.  It will be in The Gathering Place of Grace United Church ((210 Third Street North East).

My advice to you:  See the shows.  Savour them.  Be inspired.

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  1. Awesome post Brenda!! Jaynie is certainly amazing. I bombed that tree with her! :) I definitely will be going back to see all the art. I was there before all the venues were set up so I have yet to take it all in. It blows me away that she brought such a full event together in a city for a while summer. Amazing!