Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Our New York City Digs

Now that we are home, let me tell you about where we stayed this time.  We've stayed here before, but we've stayed at other hotels too.

You saw a bit of our hotel in this photo from the other day.  It's called the Hotel at Times Square even though it isn't right on Times Square.  That's a plus a Times Square is so noisy.
It's a boutique hotel a block and a half from Times Square between Fifth and Sixth Avenues on 46th Street.  We've always selected it based on two criteria:  price and location.

 Here's the lobby and lounge area.
Our room was plenty large for the three of us.

The room also includes breakfast which is very unusual in NYC.  It has more than enough including boiled eggs if you need protein before you set out to sight see.

There's always coffee in the lobby, but there are also coffee pots in the rooms.
Another thing we appreciate is the free USA Today.  Even if we don't do a thorough reading of the daily paper, we like to check headlines.

We used to find the staff a little dour, but I think they must be given hospitality training now as everyone is friendlier and more helpful.

There is also a concierge on duty to help plan your days.

It's a great hotel in our price range.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I was wondering where would be a good place. When I went with my sister it was a high end hotel on 6th which I know I can't afford!!