Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Lot of A Lot

I have a small world story.  When we flew in on WestJet, we sat next to a man from Regina.  We find out that Bob taught him forty years ago.  Then he says his last name is Eisbrenner.  I say, "is your wife Sharon?"  She is his wife.  Some of you know his brother Reinhart.  I love double ... and triple ... connections with seat mates.

Our accommodation in Vancouver is perfect.  We are staying with Liz who is subletting in East Van.  The shopping street of Little Italy is just two blocks away.  Her street is very green and her apartment on the second floor is surrounded by trees.  Looking out I feel like I am living in a tree house.  The  apartment is done up in mid century modern which is so trendy nowadays.  It may be trendy now, but for me it has the nostalgia of how my mother decorated our home when I was a kid.  It was mid century modern the first time around.

The food I found in Little Italy that is new to me is yellow dates.  I've never heard of them, seen them, or found them called for in a recipe.
I had to stop at an Italian bakery, didn't I?
What Italian delicacy did I buy there?  A Nanaimo bar!
We spent the afternoon on Granville Island as that is the major venue for the Fringe Festival.

We saw A Soldier's War.  Hopefully a number or you saw it when it was in Saskatchewan.  It was to play at the Legion in Weyburn when I was in the hospital.  It was canceled there as not enough tickets were sold.  That's a shame as it is so engaging and so well presented.  After
 the show we hung around as Liz knew the stage manager and most of the cast.
Here are my compatriots waiting in the line for the show.  They are enjoying Rogers' chocolates and all of us are enjoying Fringe show actors going up and down the line handing out chits advertising their shows.  We picked up tickets for a few more shows.

We ate in Kitsilano at Deacon's Corner which has been on You Gotta Eat Here.

We headed to Bard on the Beach early.  Liz and Bob went for a walk and I stayed at the Bard and read as my limpy knee is giving me lots of trouble.  Bob probably put on more than 30,000 steps today as this was a long walk and earlier he walked all the way downtown from Liz's tree house.

The forecourt of the Bard has succulents featured from a florist.  Leah, show your mom these crazy, marvelous plants that look more like modern art than living plants.

Today was a lot of beautiful Vancouver, a lot of tasty food, a lot of theater.  There was also a lot of much needed rain. There wasn't a lot of Scrabble but we can rectify that.

Parts of Vancouver are still so green; other parts remind us that it's September.

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