Sunday, March 3, 2019

I Need to Learn New Things

I’ve discovered that although I know lots about blogging on my PC, I know next to nothing about blogging from my iPad.  Why didn’t I spend some time figuring it out while I was at home instead of being clueless now?  The last post I thought I saved as a draft only to find I had posted it before I had fine tuned it.  I may go back and edit it later.

Before that, let me say that Bob and I had a wonderful day in Sidney yesterday with a dear relative of ours.  She sold her house in Saanich and now lives in an beautiful condo in Sidney.  Not only is it less than two blocks from the water, it is less that two blocks from five thrift stores.  Neither of those facts impressed Bob as they did me.

She also lives a block and a half from Fairway Foods and that’s a grocery store that makes food browsing fun.  They have a great international section and they have foods for every known food trend.

We walked along the water and, even being the ocean lover that I am, I had to admit it was darn cold. However, Sidneysiders were out in droves with their dogs and I had a number of fun chats with random strangers.  How do people start conversations with strangers if one or both don’t have dogs?

I could easily live in Sidney and be a happy soul.  (Please ignore the fact that I am a happy soul wherever I am so that seems a moot point.)  The flower shops had flowers on the sidewalks.  Lavender was blooming in flowerbeds.  Many, many people were on the sea glass beach doing a sea-glass-stoop.  I can’t wait to introduce Nathan and Riley to sea glass hunting this summer.

Back to dogs!  Not only are dogs everywhere outside, they seem to be everywhere inside.  I’m pretty
sure you still can’t have dogs in shops and restaurants in Saskatchewan, but you sure can here.  They
have been in restaurants, bakeries, and most stores.  One lady had a chihuahua on a leash in a clothing store.  The minuscule dog couldn’t have been more than eight inches tall and I wondered why she wasn’t worried someone would inadvertently step on him.  There was a behemoth of a dog at our seaside restaurant at lunch.  He didn’t have anything to indicate he was a service dog, but he was certainly well behaved.  He was under the table relaxing where our Finn would have been dipping and diving at the end of his leash hoping for fallen food.

Ahh, the ocean!  Do all prairie people long for it or am I a changing whose real parents were lighthouse keepers rather than those two wonderful people who raised me in the heart of the prairies?  

Today we saw The Sound of Music for the second time in a few days and it was even better than the first time which was pretty much perfect in every way.  I would have paid the full price just to
hear the one song by the Mother Abbess.  All the actors were stellar and I admire the children playing
the Von Trapp kids as they are doing all these shows while keeping up with school work and other activities.  The stage manager keeps it all organized and makes it fun but serious business for the children.  I think she should have a raise!

Not only do Bob and I have seats at the Cugnet Centre, we also have one here. so after the show we checked it out.

In other news, Rush won their game last night even when we weren’t there to cheer them on.  Riley and Nathan must have cheered double for us.  Not only that, we understand fans of Rush donated $29,000 to Telemiracle simply by throwing donations into buckets that were passed around.  Yay, Rush!  Yay, Rush fans!

Bob’s been wearing his Rush bunny hug and it got a response from one fellow.  He saw it and started thumping his heart.  It was a proud moment here in BC.

So as not to drive myself crazy, I left this part void of photos and am adding them here now.  Please endure.  The photos are totally random.

 We hope your Sunday was as sunny as ours.

This summer I am going to read a book on this bench.  Maybe I'll lick an ice cream at the same time as the ice cream shop is right beside the bench.
Ice cream bear.  My kind of bear!

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  1. WARNING! do not come home. As I'm sure you've seen on the forecast our weather is not improving in the least.

    Stay and post pictures of flowers and such. It warms me to think places in Canada aren't all -40 with the wind chill.