Monday, August 8, 2016

Guess the River

I was lazy last night and didn't post, so I posted two today.  Check the one right before this too when you have time.

Guess the river.
Did you guess right?  This puny little bit of water is the Mississippi.  We spent part of the day at Itasca State Park which is the location of the headwaters of the Mississippi.  At home I have the cutest picture of little Bobby King who visited with his parents in the late 40s or early 50s.  When our kids were little we came here too. 
Here is the headwater of the mighty river:

Itasca State Park is the best deal around as it costs $5/vehicle for the day.
Last week the area had a wicked wind storm and the park lost a large number of trees, particularly  red pine which are the state tree.  Some that fell were over 200 years old.  The park had to close so fallen trees could be inspected, cut and moved.  There's still lots of work to do.

I love the play of dappled light in the forest.

We took a ten mile boat ride on Lake Itasca.

We saw bald eagles, loons, and deer.  Can deer have triplets?  One doe was being followed by three fawns but perhaps she was babysitting one or two.  There is no lovelier sound than that of a loon.

I hate tomatoes; you know that, right?  Selecting a BLT for lunch is out of the question.  Today for lunch I had wild rice soup and an BLA - bacon, lettuce and avocado.  It was delicious.
My cup of coffee this morning commanded me:
... so I did!

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