Monday, August 8, 2016

I'm in Love

Indeed I am in love, but more about that later.  We left Weyburn two days ago and our first tourist stop was Estevan.  We wanted to see the new soldier statue.  You should see it for real.

We traveled on to Fargo having mainly blue skies and no wind.
Then yesterday I did a bad thing.  I checked Tripadvisor to see if there was anything to do in Detroit Lakes and a flea market  popped up.  You can see from the sign that it's been going on for awhile.
The flea market was great with some permanent vendors in cabins, others in tents and some spreading their wares on the ground.
This was the painted floor in one of the cabins.  The proprietor told me the last owner painted it when she was eight months pregnant.
My heart wouldn't be still if I could sell individual Scrabble tiles for fifty cents each.
One place was selling this old ballot box ...
and another was selling this sign ...
I hope they have nothing in common.

This old dog was begging for affection.  He's almost seventeen and his owner told me she spends $200/month on the dog's heart medication.  Notice that his leash is a thin piece of plastic.  The owner explained that he never moves from her side, but that she forgot his leash and he "likes to be connected."  Who am I to doubt that?
These two fellows found two Ms and were digging around for an O.  I asked if I could take this photo and the one on the right said, "you mean my bald spot is going to be on the internet?"  His brother said, "I told you to wear a hat!"  They never did find an O so I said that perhaps they could find the letters for their mom's first name instead.  The reply was, "we don't want to spend that kind of money on her."
The booth they were at was my favorite as it had lots of kingly items.

Here's a close up of the fabric on the dog bed.  The bottom of the bed said "Life is RUFF."

So what was Bored Bob doing while I was spinning from one vendor to the next?  He was relaxing with a grimace on his face.
I should add that we were caught in crazy traffic going to the flea market because Detroit Lakes had a huge outdoor music festival ending.
We moved on to Park Rapids and set up our home with a water view.  And here's where my love is explained.  For thirty years we have been coming to Park Rapids, Minnesota, and twenty-eight of them have been at Vagabond Campground at Potato Lake. We love this place and we love the people who run the campground.  Most evenings are spent in the lodge chatting with them.  Last night I gave them until today to tell me whether they are Trump or Hillary supporters.  I don't want to put my foot in my mouth.
I'm thinking that in these North Woods of Minnesota, you are never more than a five minute drive from a lake or two.  Here are some we saw today.

Just a few more things...
Rob & Elizabeth, what was in this?
You guessed right.  It's my annual turtle sundae at the Minnesoda Shop.
Stage manager Liz, I'm reading this and can totally picture it as a movie.  However, as a play?????  The first act has 19 scenes alone!  You and I need a trip to London to see it.
I'm expecting more good times tomorrow. 

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