Thursday, January 30, 2014

1227 Kilometers Later

First let me tell you what adventure Finn is having while we are away.  When we are away, he often stays down the street at Klemmers.  With two other dogs and four people, he's in doggy heaven there, so much so that when he sees his kennel come out, he literally tugs us in the direction of Klemmers.  No leisurely walking to get there, but rather a fast paced run!
There's not much to write about when we drove and drove today but we were very thankful for clear, ice-free roads.
The fields were glossed over with ice and looked lovely.
Time in a car passes quickly as long as I have crosswords and my Kobo.
As we got closer to Minneapolis we saw cars and semis with mounds and mounds and mounds of snow on them and signs were lashed with snow.  What was going on?
We certainly weren't going to have a picnic at the rest stop...
or eat outside at Culver's. 
We're now in Eau Claire, Wisconsin for the night and the hotel clerk said they really got a dump of snow this morning.  Here's Elizabeth posing - reluctantly - by the snow in the hotel parking lot.  Bob is thrilled that I have a new model on this trip as usually I'm begging - forcing - him to be in my photos.
Tomorrow we'll be in Chicago to see the Bean, eat Garrett's popcorn, and hopefully attend a performance of "Phantom of the Opera." 


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