Friday, January 31, 2014

1227 Km + 1056 Km = Long Way From Weyburn

We had a change of plans today when we saw this alert:
4 to 8 inches of snow are predicted overnight so we felt we couldn't stay there and had to more on.  Chicago has had snow on the ground since December 20th, the longest time since 1996.  If tonight's weather prediction is true, they'll have it for longer yet.  There is way more snow here than at home.
On the way over to Chicago, we stopped for gas in Wisconsin and Elizabeth and I had a laugh at this shop which sold these two unlikely companions.
Inside this lovely bow-tied mouse which was about the size of Nathan greeted us
and directed us to the cheese coolers.
There wasn't a companion mouse to point us to the fireworks.
Here's a good marketing idea for the micro-brewery beers of the area:

Since we knew we weren't staying in Chicago, we had to pick our favorite things to see.  One was this sculpture affectionately nicknamed The Bean.  I'd tell you more about it if it wasn't so late; your homework is to google information about it.
This next image is taken while walking through the middle of it.
You can see Elizabeth and me in this next one.
My second favorite art piece in Chicago is really close to the Bean.  The faces on this pillar and its counterpart change and are all faces of ordinary Chicagoans.  In the summer these pillars are fountains and from time to time water spews from the mouths.
Our other stop in Chicago was at Garrett's Popcorn to get their Chicago blend of caramel and cheese.  My generous daughter had reactions based on not sharing and sharing.
We'll cross into Canada tomorrow and drop Elizabeth's stuff in Stratford.  She just got word on her housing tonight in the nick of time and it looks very suitable.  

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