Saturday, February 1, 2014

But It's Not a Dry Snow

We had quite the day of driving and I am thankful that Bob & Elizabeth are careful drivers and that Ontario sands their roads as quickly as possible.
We left Port Huron this morning and I was insistent that we stop on the beach at Lake Huron.  Here I'm gesturing to the lake so that you don't miss it.
 In Ontario we drove on roads that looked like this:

 and field and sky were an entity of gray.
When we stopped for five minutes, the windshield looked like this:
In Stratford we found where Elizabeth will be living...
... and where she'll be working.  They are just a five minute walk away from each other.
Here she is with a fellow she WON'T be working with.  The Avon Theater is all about musicals and the shows she will be involved with are "Man from La Mancha,"  Alice Through the Looking Glass" and "Hayfever."
We ate just across from the Avon at Downie Street Burgers where I had a brie-red pepper chutney burger.  Yum!
The washrooms were suited to Kings.  The second photo down is of the ceiling in the washroom.

Then it was off to St. Jacob's for the farmers' market.  Finn can only dream of bones this big and even Molly and Stanley are too little to tackle them.  Eliz couldn't believe her eyes! 
The market had many butchers, lots of granola and baking, but I was drawn to the canned items and the flowers which were selling at 4 bunches for $10.  Most women had loads of them in their arms.

In St. Jacob's we also stopped at Picard's where I learned that peanuts grow in Ontario.  I didn't know that; I thought they needed to come from the American South.

We're now in Toronto and we ate a Diner, Drive-in & Dive eatery called Lakeview Diner which has been in business since 1932.  My mac 'n' cheese had bleu cheese in it so it was another YUM for the day.
We finished our eating binge with gelato from Dolce.  I savored passionfruit gelato and because of it will dream of Australia.
Those of you who go to our church might get a kick out of this.  I'll make a copy of it for Barnabas when I get home.  I like him, I esteem him, I admire his dedication to God, but now I will always think of him as saintly too. 
Today's conclusion?  Give me dry cold and dry snow any day! 

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