Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cabbage Rolls with Gravy on Top

What you are seeing are my total belongings here at the Hotel at Times Square.  I got here but my luggage didn't.  Yes, this luggage conveyor belt spit out everyone else's which they happily removed while I watched the empty belt go around and around.  Apparently my luggage should show up tonight, 24 hours later.
This enormous billboard is at Times Square and it grabbed my attention.  I thought my like-minded animal-loving friends would want to see it.
Last night we got to Manhattan too late to go to a show  (Boo!) but early enough to slosh around the Times Square (Yay!)

Today we walked miles in Chelsea, Soho, Greenwich, and the East Village.  It looks like the tree below has gorgeous white blossoms but it's just snow.

We wanted to walk the High Line but it was closed due to ice and snow.
The sky was blue though but we aren't advising them to open the High Line as more snow and icy rain is predicted for tomorrow.

This was my favorite store window today.  The top mannequin is human size and the bottom part is Amazonian. 
Elizabeth and I did some shopping (tea, granola) and some looking (rugulah, black and white cookies - two New York staples) at a Whole Foods.

We had a coffee break at Max Brenner where I had a spicy Mexican hot chocolate which was served in a Hug Mug and my dear daughter bought me one for home.  Our waitress was charming which was unexpected since reviews on the internet always mention how stand-offish and unhelpful the wait staff here is.  This lovely young woman set the tone for the day.  We chatted with the nicest workers in every place we went today.
Australian friends, Max doesn't serve chocolate licks in the U.S.  Elizabeth handled that as best she could.
Saskatchewanians, I want you to know that New York has potholes too.
Elizabeth and I lunched at Veselka's while Bob ate at Grimaldi's.  When we informed him that our day would include coffee/tea breaks, he no longer had any desire to hang out with us. 
Jocelyn, their borscht surpassed both yours and mine.
And here's the main course: a meat perogi, a potato perogi, and a sauerkraut perogi, sausage, beet salad, and an enormous cabbage roll covered in the tastiest gravy ever.  Linda Rudachyk, have you ever heard of this??  It seems ludicrous but is very tasty.

This vintage shop was a treasure trove.  The proprietor opened half an hour early when she saw us outside and we were amazed by her.  She looked about 35 so shocked us when she told us she had opened the store 33 years ago when she was 21.

Luckily we found this next place by accident and the kind clerk put in an extra red velvet macaron to bring back for Bob.

A trip to the East Village necessitates a stop at Dusty Buttons ...
... and at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop where we found this canned meat.  No wonder they are now extinct.  I wonder if in the back they had boxes of tinned carrier pigeon too.  Barb and Leah, notice this meat sparkles just like synchro swimmers.
Kate's Paperie has a different location but we found it!  Oh, the cards and beautiful papers; there was a cute line of cards which has funny taglines about email and facebook.
Before our legs gave out, we stopped at the Bryant Park washroom and the NYC Public Library where the lions were patiently waiting for the snow to melt off them.
Tonight's show is "Waiting for Godot" starring Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.  Looking forward to it!
I want to use all the superlatives I know to describe this play and the acting of Sir Ian and Sir Patrick but I will let this sign say it all.  An added bonus was Billy Crudup playing the role of Lucky and the words genius and superb apply to him too.
Lyn and Colin, you may remember that when we were at "Annie" everyone pulled out cell phones at intermission.  This was no different.

Tomorrow we have tickets for "Once" and "Matilda."  It's going to be a good day.


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