Monday, February 3, 2014

Pretending Toronto Airport is Experimental Theater

We're sitting at the Toronto Airport after our flight was canceled due to bad weather in NYC.  We are shuffling from gate to gate as we are on standby but other flights are canceled too.  What to do?  Look at all the other stranded people and make up stories about them.  Watch them all show varied emotions:  anger, extreme anger, complacency, humor, exhaustion, etc. etc.  Check out the costumes ... no, no those leggings with horizontal stripes just don't work.  Hair and makeup ... scratch the young man's blonde dreadlocks; they just don't work either.
While we wait, let me tell you about a photo I didn't get.  In Chicago we ate at the cafeteria in Macy's and the woman who served me looked to be about 40.  She had her eyebrows shaved and then had quotation marks drawn in around her eyes which started at about the middle of each eye.  If it's important that you show how individual you are, isn't that smarter than piercings, tattoos, and split tongues?  When, you're tired of the look, you can just let your eyebrows grow back in.  Not only that, but in the meantime you have given lots of people smiles.

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