Saturday, February 8, 2014

There's a Fine, Fine Line

We debated going out to Niagara Falls today but decided to stay in Toronto instead.  That allowed us to go to two Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and to see the puppet musical "Avenue Q."  The first diner was Caplansky's Deli which had marvelous food, cool wait staff and a very friendly manager.  When the manager found out we were from Saskatchewan, he told us that he had two staff from Saskatchewan and that Saskatchewanians are "hard working and calm."  Nothing wrong with that stereotype!

Both Guy and John have visited this deli.

Bob had barbeque brisket with poutine.  The poutine was made with smoked meat gravy.
I had a breakfast which included a latke with apple sauce.  Elizabeth and I have decided that any restaurant which serves fruit, serves way too much cantaloupe and way too little other fruit.  Caplansky's was no different.
Bob and I went to "Avenue Q" in a theater which had about 100 seats.  We were in row E and it was the last row in the theater.  We liked the show and loved the price.  We paid about as much for the tickets as we pay for internet surcharges on Broadway shows.
We met Elizabeth for supper at Hey Meatball, another place which has been on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.  They keep Guy's signature in the basement by the washrooms.
The title of today's entry is the title of one of the "Avenue Q" songs, but it applies to this photo in Hey Meatball! 
Enough said!


  1. Thanks for the vacation from my armchair,Brenda! I feel like I was with you at every street corner. I love NYC and will definitely go again some day! It is the creativity and inspiration that draws a person back again and again. Old love to tag along one day with you. I think we would be dangerous together !!

    1. Christa, glad you enjoyed it. A number of people have said they would like to travel there with us including some of our quilters so maybe someday Bob & I will have to give everyone the dates and say "come along."