Tuesday, January 28, 2014

3 Choices

On a fairly warm day in November. I asked Bob this question:  this winter would you prefer a week in Hawaii,
a week in Mexico,
or a week in New York City?

  Without too much contemplation he answered, "I'd still pick New York."  "Me too," I said so the decision was made.  After a cold, cold December and some not-very-nice days in January, we were wondering if we should rebook.  However, the lure of Broadway and the good fortune that Elizabeth can come with us, kept us steady on our first decision. 

We've never been to New York City in the winter except for one unseasonably warm November so this should be an adventure.  New York has had wild weather this winter so perhaps we will see new-fallen snow in Central Park.  Let's hope.

We leave on Thursday, January 30th so watch for new posts then.

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