Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve: God Bless Us, Everyone

Christmas Eve in Chemainus means blue, blue sky, quite a contrast to yesterday's dismal rain in Victoria.
Chemainus has footprints to follow so that you don't miss any of the murals.  True, I'm going the wrong way here, but you get the idea.
This sign almost tells the truth.

I was human before that cup of coffee because our hotel had fruitcake for breakfast.  Fruitcake!!  Jocelyn, you'll notice they go easy on the fruit.

We hiked on the Hermit's trail and it was soooooooooooooo spectacular.

Then Elizabeth and Bob went to the production studio and left me at the beach.

When they picked me up, we headed to another beach and I said we couldn't leave until Bob found a piece of sea glass.  I figured that would give me an hour or two there, but he found a piece within the fifteen minutes.  Drat!
Here's a door we walked through today.  It's for the Crow and Gate Pub in Nanaimo where I had a most delicious Stilton ploughman's lunch.  It's supposed to be the most British British pub outside of Britain.  Read that again if you think I doubled "British" by mistake.  Both really need to be there.  The pub has low ceilings, a wood-burning fireplace, and we sat at a long table with two other groups of people who were friendly and wished to chat.  Bliss!
No Christmas Eve is complete without some gifts and some games.

The following sign was in a grocery store we stopped at today.  However, I've added it to wish you the goodness of Christmas Day and all that it means.  Happy Christmas, everyone!

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