Monday, December 22, 2014

In Chemainus Town

We started our day earlier than our planned meeting with Elizabeth.  Carlos who used to make the super-delicious cinnamon buns at the Southside Confectionery in Weyburn now has his own place in Chemainus right across from our hotel.  We intended to pop in for a chat (and, yes, true confessions time ... for a cinnamon bun) ....
The sky was beautiful this morning and the sun was shining.  It got cloudy later but no rain fell.
We know someone who is working at this theatre  so we expect perks!

Elizabeth lives on the second floor of this building and we called her from across the street and waited for her to appear in the window.
It's a good thing I don't have a super, zoom lens on my camera as she came to the window from the shower and was in a towel and had sopping hair.
We went down to the water and it was beautiful.
That's me!

Vanessa, what strength fertalizer do you need to use to get your grasses to grow this high?
Chemainus was the first community to get the idea of having murals decades ago and has many impressive ones.  You can go from one to the next by following yellow footsteps on the sidewalks.  Rob, this one is for you.
And my fabric loving friends can enjoy this one.
Here's a door I wanted to walk through.
And here's a door Joan and I walked through.  Notice that the top half of the door can open while the bottom half remains closed.
We met Elizabeth and some of her friends at the Twisted Sisters for some scones, tea, and talk.

The next time we saw Jess and Michelle (second and third from the left) they were on stage!
Joan was there too.
You'll never meet more charming girls than Becca & Maddie.
And here's the sink in the Twisted Sisters washroom.

This choir leader was at the Twisted Sisters too.  She bears no resemblance to Colleen except that they both love music.
I checked out vegetation wherever we walked.
If Rob, Crystal & Nathan were in this photo too, then it would be the perfect picture.

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