Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Smell This Blog

The whole town of Chemainus smells like cedar.  Probably the people who live here are so used to it that they don't notice, but I've sure been taking deep, cleansing breathes.

I realized one of the photos in last night's post needs a reference.  Usually people working in stage management aren't seen on stage,but for this show Elizabeth has to move items while the show goes on, so she is costumed up.  The fellow playing Sherlock Holmes is a wonderful artist and created this image of her.

Today we headed to Victoria and the weather was less than desirable although it wasn't snow or ice.
We didn't miss Murchie's
or Munro's Books.
We went to the Empress Hotel.

Perhaps Joan, Elizabeth, and I should have booked tea at the Empress instead of at Butchart Gardens.  We canceled our reservation at Butchart Gardens as it was so cold and rainy and Elizabeth was under the weather.

This gingerbread display was impressive with the hockey players moving around but no train ever came around the track.

There was a Festival of Trees and we have no idea if we saw them all as they were in every nook and cranny.

There were at least three "Frozen" trees and the one attracting children's attention most was the one that had a little television on it.

I think the next one would be Nathan's favorite.
We always like to check out what Rotary is doing.  Here's a photo of Bob and a Rotary sign at Chemainus.
Meanwhile, in Victoria, Rotarians set up the following tree.  The tree had a pocket filled with brochures advertising what ten clubs do in the Victoria area.

The next was a favorite of mine with poinsettias and hydrengia along with Bible verses making up the Christmas story.

This shoe one was great too.

The following one was done by a quilt guild and you can see many more details of it at www.crocusquiltguild.blogspot.ca
One tree had names on stars and I liked that this had "Nathan" right near "Tyrel" who is one of Nathan's uncles.
We headed back to Chemainus early and have been having a very relaxing evening.


  1. We went for Christmas in Chermanius in 1985!! My parents and sisters lived there for a while!! It is the most awesome smelling forest!! Merry Christmas to the Kings!

    1. Merry Christmas to the Marcottes! I would love to live here for awhile as there is such a good small town vibe.

  2. I'm enjoying a little Christmas around the world on different blogs. Anna Hergert is in Germany, Brenda in BC, Christa on the farm. They're all beautiful.

    1. Merry Christmas, Jaynie, to you and your family! Weyburn not such a bad place to be either, is it?