Sunday, March 1, 2015

Oops! Forgot to Mention We're Home

One way to get to talk to people from Manitoba to British Columbia is to not finish off my posts from this trip.  I got calls: Are you home? Were there more delays? Was it worth the money, etc. etc.

Let me finish the notes on this adventure:

Our plane from NYC to Toronto was mostly on time and we got to Toronto uneventfully.  There we had a few hugs with Elizabeth before she headed to Stratford and the Stratford Festival which will be her home and her work until June.

We had some hours to wait but the time went quickly as the airport has a Kaplansky's to eat at and we found Weyburn people who had also been in NYC waiting for the same flight.  We passed the time sharing where we stayed, where we ate, and what we did so these people have helped us start our list for next time we go.

Our plane to Regina was mainly on time and our car was waiting in the parking lot thanks to a colleague of Bob's.

What were the highlights:  Definitely time with Elizabeth.  Definitely the six shows which were all so good that we can't even rate them in order.  Angela Lansbury, Bradley Cooper, Alan Cumming, Jessie Mueller, I love you!  Definitely time at the 9/11 Memorial Museum.  And definitely, definitely, definitely receiving word that we have a beautiful new granddaughter Riley Nicole.

We weren't home long before it was time to speed to Saskatoon to meet her.

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  1. You are a very young looking Grandma Brenda. Great picture.