Friday, February 20, 2015

Lots for the Last NY Day

We traveled out on this cold, cold, but clear winter morning to visit the museum at the 9/11 memorial.  It's a very somber, very moving museum.  One of the docents told me that many docents and hired security people are people who worked in the Twin Towers or had connections to it.  She said working there is therapy for many.

I saw one man leave in tears.  There are many exits so that you can leave at any time if the material is too difficult for you to handle.  There are also employees all around and they all seem to be checking that the emotion of it all isn't too much for anyone.

I saw this quilt before when it was hanging in the American Museum of Folk Art.  Their tiny space couldn't do it justice.  Here is where it belongs.

I left Bob and Elizabeth and headed uptown.  The subway car only had three of us in it.  Strange!
I stopped at Grand Central.  Can you spot the bride and groom having their wedding photos done while the rest of us mill around?
I've visited Grand Central several times and I could never find the spot that was left dirty on the ceiling to show how filthy and disrepaired the station was before Jacqueline Kennedy spearheaded an initiative to save it and clean it up.  Finally I found it.  See the little dark rectangle partly on the light and partly on the dark.  That's it!  Yes, I have strange goals in life, and it still makes me happy when I fulfill one.
I had lunch in the iconic Grand Central Station Oyster Bar.
I had clam chowder at one of the counters where you are very, very close to the people next to you.  I was having the delicious $6.95 clam chowder but the man beside me was having the $28.95 bouillabaisse which was loaded with every imaginable type of seafood.  Can you guess which one of us was on a business expense account?  I was so tempted to distract him so that I could slip my soup spoon into his bowl!

I went along Library Way over to the Public Library.  The sidewalk has literary quotes embedded in it.  Here are two I especially like:

We were tracking where the Gorilla Cheese food truck was and today it was right outside our hotel!
I left Elizabeth and Bob today because they had plans to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and then gallivant about Brooklyn.  My back has been acting up and I figured that was the last thing I needed.
They ate at Grimaldi's.
They went to Ringling Brothers-Barnum & Bailey Circus and it looks like they had a fine time.  We're a family who loves circuses.

Tonight is our last show.

If there is justice in the world, shouldn't we have four canceled flights and two more days before we leave here?

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