Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Did We Make It?

Vanessa wondered if she had passed on her bad juju to us.  When I saw this around midnight last night, I was thinking she tiptoed into our house while we were sleeping and rubbed it all over us.
This was our fourth cancellation with West Jet and we were particularly disappointed as we saw Air Canada flights were getting out of Toronto for NYC yesterday.  So after midnight Bob was on one phone and Elizabeth was on another plus on the computer to try figure things out.  We seriously (1) thought of giving up and flying home or (2) paying an extra $1000 to switch to Air Canada.  However, Bob was now on first name basis with every West Jet service representative.  I'm sure when the one took this late night call, she held her hand over the receiver and said, "everyone, it's Bob again.  What should we tell him this time?"  
They convinced him that a flight going this afternoon probably wouldn't be cancelled, so we gave them one last try and WE MADE IT TO NYC.  We should have been here Sunday morning and now it was Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.  We then were held in the plane for over 1/2 an hour because they can only use one gate and they had another of their planes at it.  Truly, West Jet must be the lowest of the low at NY airports. 

We had the speediest of rides into the city in a town car so that we could get to
 "Elephant Man" in time.

We just had time to gobble a dirty water dogs at a street vendor's before going into the theater.
Lyn & Colin, we so wish you were here with us, but we had to settle for seeing the show at the Booth Theater without you.
The play was incredible.  Bradley Cooper is on the stage at the beginning, perfectly buff and muscular (think his "American Sniper" body) wearing just a pair of shorts.  Photos of the real Elephant Man are shown and Bradley slowly begins to contort his body.  During the whole play, it is his contorted body we see; it's never anything done with makeup or costumes.  I cannot imagine how difficult it is to perform the role.  
Patricia Clarkson also performed superbly.  And, Barb, she wore gloves just like that gorgeous black pair you have of your mom's.
After the show our very own "Vanna" bought us Cupcakes by Melissa.  Yum!
It's New York Fashion Week so some designers created signature cupcakes for Melissa.
We went to the M & M Store because we are positive Nathan and Riley need items from there.  We controlled ourselves there somewhat but watched lots of people go totally crazy with shopping fever.  Is there an inoculation for that?
Bob and I love watching the television show "Blue Bloods" where there are always shootouts on New York streets.  It can't be too realistic as this is how some police cars look near Times Square.  The boys in blue can't be too busy.
Bob knows more than me about most things but even he doesn't know what these steam things from Con-Edison are.  They are all over the streets.
New York City is pretty much paradise to us, but even paradise has garbage.
Tomorrow we'll try cram 48 hours worth of happenings into 24 hours.

Goodnight, Nathan!  Goodnight, Riley!  We love you both dearly.

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  1. Congrats on the new grand baby! Glad you finally made it to NYC. Aren't tjose mini cupcakes at Melissa's a great way to try new flavours! I loved them!