Friday, February 13, 2015

Chicago Shenanigans

Another day of good roads allowed us to spend some time in Chicago before driving on to
 Port Huron to spend the night.

The car's back seat is - shall we say -crowded.

We enjoyed watching these parents teaching their child to skate.  Don't you love the father's winter togs?
We have to see the Bean every time we come here.

Macy's windows are ready for Chinese New Year's.
Bob & Elizabeth toured the Chicago but since I've done it before I chose to walk some downtown streets.
I can't picture theaters in Saskatchewan ever needing this sign.
The temperature was 15F which we figure is -9C so I checked out people's winter attire.

Don't forget that tomorrow is Valentine's Day!  Show some love!
A Starbucks' barista got Bob and me into the spirit.  I jumped in enthusiastically while Bob was cajoled to use this joint moustache. 
We'll be temporarily back in Canada tomorrow.

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  1. I just love Chicago's Macy window!! It's so creative. Looks like your having a great time. Cold in Chicago doesn't even cut the wind we have had today! It's a twenty layers of clothes day!!