Saturday, February 14, 2015

Stratford Snow vs Weyburn Snow

There was quite a bit of wet snow last night so our trip from Port Huron to Stratford was on less than stellar roads.  One accident we spotted was of a truck in the ditch, a truck which had sped past us way too fast for the conditions.  I don't think anyone was hurt but the police and ambulance were already there.  Another accident involved a police car and we hope there were no serious injuries.
Here's my view as I was both literally and figuratively the backseat driver.
This year I brought the right boots for the weather ... waterproof and toasty warm.  Here there is nothing known as dry cold or dry snow.
I love Stratford's parking prices.  In Chicago the first hour was $21.00!
I was surprised to see food trucks open.
While Elizabeth was over at the Avon Theatre, I had a chance to duck into my favorite store here.  Watson's is filled with every kind of china and pottery that I want to own.  I can't buy the little cat because it's not porcelain, it's real.
The window display in Watson's was beautiful and showed that men who want pizzazz must have some type of neckwear.
Here's where we had lunch.  It seats sixteen unlike the place next door which seats ten.  Why can't businesses like this exist in Weyburn?

However, I question the political correctness of the pencils for ordering your sandwiches.
We then had our valentine treat at Madelyn's - butter tarts.  Bob's face looks like this because they are only 96% as good as Myrna's.  That means extremely, lusciously good just the same.

The lighter one is a coconut butter tart.

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