Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Not Again! We Have to be Kidding You

Our house sitter and our dog sitter are in place, so it's time to head to New York City again. 
I'm sure some of you think we've been going since before the Empire State Building was constructed. 
 I'm sure some of you are thinking we said we would never go in February again.  Actually we did say that, but then we decided as long as we have waterproof, slushproof, lined boots, we will be okay. 
And you are also wondering if there is anything left for us to see.  There sure is!  We hope to see seven or more shows including these:

We hope to see - and hear - 600,000 firecrackers set off for Chinese New Year's.  That should ward off evil spirits.

Even more exciting than all this is that we may have a new grandchild when we get home.  Crystal, do you mind being overdue a few days so that we don't miss the excitement?  That baby will be coming home to Rob, Crystal, and Nathan's beautiful new home.

We're excited!  We're almost on our way!

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