Sunday, February 15, 2015

Life Gave a Lemon

Look what we woke up to:
Our flight was canceled due to weather in NYC and we were thinking what Yogi Berra thought:  "this is deja vu all over again."  The same thing happened to us last year.

This year, however, we made lemonade.  One the plus side, we weren't at the airport so could do things.  On the minus side, our rescheduled flight for later in the day was also cancelled.  On the plus side, we could do even more in Toronto.  If no more lemons come our way, we will be on a flight tomorrow morning.

We headed to Starving Artists for breakfast.  It was so cold in the cafe that I wore my parka while I ate.
Elizabeth and I decided to play a speed round of Scrabble at the cafe since the game was sitting there.  Jocelyn, Lorne, and any of my other Scrabble friends reading this, let me drop any vestige of humbleness to tell you that I got four bingoes in a row and then had a fifth which I couldn't play.  Surprisingly my final score was not the highest I've ever had.

Our waitress charmed us by adding this note to our bill.
Here's our final board.  The bingo I couldn't play was JOURNEYS with a blank for the S.

Then we bought London Fogs for $2 each at Ella's Uncle.  Saskatchewan cafes, please stop charging me $4.50 or $5 for a London Fog.
Elizabeth needed loose tea at Moonbean where we found rugelach at an amazing low price.

Next we were going to be good kinsmen to Rob by shopping at our favorite soccer jersey store.  Eliz and I found out that we knew different stores!  Here's one.  Sorry, Rob, but we were too early for either to be open for the day.
We were driving around TO in this salt laden car.
A bigger joy than four Scrabbles in a row awaited.  We got tickets to "Blithe Spirit" starring Angela Lansbury.  I confess to being a big fan of hers and I confess to having many seasons of "Murder She Wrote" on DVD.  She's an 89 year old consummate actor who commanded the stage every time she entered.

We saw two movies as well and recommend both, but the second only if you like musicals.

Finally, here's something that cracked Elizabeth and me up.  Movies for Mommies is showing "Fifty Shades of Grey"!  Good grief!

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