Monday, February 16, 2015

Riley, We Love You Already

Rob and Crystal sure know how to celebrate Family Day ... by adding to their family.  Nathan's sister Riley was born this afternoon and we are beyond thrilled.  We'll meet her soon.
Here is Toronto, other news was tiresome.
Now we are on a flight tomorrow morning so fingers are crossed.
Fire alarms started this morning and we found firemen in the lobby and a firetruck out front.  When we got back this afternoon, the hotel and our room were still here so it couldn't have been anything major.

When I was a kid, my Ontario aunt sent a photo of her and her husband at Niagara Falls in winter.  There was ice mounded everywhere in the photo and ever since I saw that picture, it's been a goal to visit Niagara Falls in winter.  I fulfilled that goal today.

It was cold, darn cold.  Notice the ice chunks in the water.

Ice forms on the trees and the fences and it's all startlingly beautiful.

Sleep well, Riley, and, Nathan, start dreaming up adventures you and your sister can share.

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