Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Start of the Yukon Weekend

Bob and I had a great long weekend in the Yukon.
Just looking out of the plane window as we were landing made us realize we were about to see some amazing scenery.
Our rental car was spacious and we didn't mind the gas price of $1.40/liter since it was $1.60 in Vancouver the night before.
Before we even looked for our dear daughter, we scooted to a Rotary Club meeting.  
That might sound like mixed priorities, but Elizabeth was at work when we arrived.
One of the things this particular club does is take a photo of the visitors and then immediately send it to the visitors.  I thought that was a friendly thing for them to do.
We did meet up with the girl and she showed us beautiful Miles Canyon.
Apparently she knows how to be more photogenic in selfies than we do.
We can blame our looks on the wind.  Oh, yes, the wind!
There's a suspension bridge above the water and it is a good location to get some scenic photos.

The Yukon River was partly ice, partly not.
One of the disadvantages of coming to the Yukon this time of year is that some tourist attractions and some restaurants aren't open for the season yet.

I had hoped to tour the SS Kondike but sadly I got to see no more than its exterior.
The first night we had trouble sleeping.  Our suite at the Best Western was spacious and the temperature was just right.  There were no lumps in the bed and we couldn't hear snoring from the adjoining rooms.  The problem was the light coming in our window.  The photo below was taken from our hotel window at 9:45 p.m.  It forgets to get dark that far north. 

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