Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Yukon Gold

Are you thinking I'm planting early and I am going to show you umpteen photos of Bob in the dusty garden?  Not quite.  Liz is working on a show in Whitehorse and we are going for a visit.  

We have never been more north than Thompson, Manitoba so we are very excited about our time up there.  As well, we hope to pop over to Alaska and that means we can put a tick beside one of our life list items.  Alaska will be the fiftieth state we visit.

In case you think we are neglecting our other favorite people, we spent last weekend with them.  As we have come to expect, every second was fun.

Not only were we at a Rush game, but we also had fun at the Apex Trampoline Park, the Symphony book sale and much more.  However, Nathan said, "Grandma, you never stay long enough."  I agree.  He, Riley and I had lots of plans that we left undone.

We'll be back there on the 13th for the first of Rush's playoff games so perhaps we can convince Grandpa to stay around awhile.

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