Friday, July 18, 2014

Great Aunt In-Law, I'll Love You Forever

I've often reflected about how people come into our lives ... and how they go from our lives too.
Lida June Ferguson, Aunt June to us, came into my life when I married Bob.  She was his great aunt.  Had she and I been the same age and lived in the same place, we would have been best friends.  We were separated by 49 years and 1900 miles but we were still close. 
She and I were great correspondents and we visited her when we could. 
While we were in Ireland, she passed away at the age of 107.  She was in distress the last two hours of her life ... not a bad way to go when you have more than a century of good years behind you.  June never had children but she led a busy life. 
Things she and I did not have in common was her love of  manicures and jewelry.  She had her nails painted until a month or so before she died and she was very proud of how beautiful they were.  Until the end of her life, she loved wearing jewelry, mainly earrings, brooches, and bracelets and it was always easy to send her a squishy full of costume jewelry for her birthdays and Christmas.
June's constant companion from the age of 2 was her beloved teddy bear.  Teddy's provenance is proven as there is a photo of June and him when she was 2 and another when she was 8.  He shared her room at the time of her death and took the ride with her to the funeral home but was saved from cremation.
This winter we'll travel to Florida to bury June's remains next to Helen's and Bill's.  The cemetery is in a little Florida town with a river running by and oak trees with Spanish moss over the grave. 
 Rest in peace, June.  You were a good woman who lived a good life. 

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