Monday, July 21, 2014

Positively Park Rapids

We obviously love Park Rapids, MN and area as we have come here for 28 consecutive summers and stayed at the same campground for the last 27.

It was very foggy when we left the campground this morning to head to the Logging Camp for breakfast.

The Logging Camp serves a family style breakfast and has portions large enough that we could log all day without feeling hungry.

Bob went golfing after breakfast and I looked through the shops on Park Rapids' Main Street.  It would have been wrong not to stop at Monica's the quilt/yard shop that's been there forever.

When Bob dropped me off, the shops were just opening and most of them had an employee sweeping any overnight debris from the sidewalks.  I wish Weyburn stores would do the same.  In downtown Weyburn I usually have to walk through eddies of old Tim Horton cups, leaves, and other garbage.
And here are some of the businesses.  Look at the flowers!  I don't think the climate is too different from ours and they certainly get their share of wind.
Here's a market,
a bookstore,
a cosmetology school, 
and here is a fence hiding a parking lot.
This is a garden in an empty lot by a furniture/ decorating store.
Park Rapids has a great Main Street where there are two rows of parallel parking down the center and then angle parking on each side.  Legend has it that the street is that wide because it once had to accommodate the horses with their lumber wagons turning around on it.
Here's an empty lot on Main Street.  Think of the empty lot in Weyburn across from the mall - enough said!
Hot days mean cool treats at the Minnesoda Fountain.
When I saw this spelling error, I told Bob that if I was going to spell it wrong, I would put three p's in it as then at least it would  make sense!
The Minnesoda Shop has Trivial Pursuit questions on each table and Bob and I found we failed miserably on Baby Boomer questions even though we're from the baby boomer generation.
We love cruising the Farm & Fleet Store and found these unusual food choices. 
Then we found this more appetizing one from Southey, SK.
We have camped at Vagabond for 27 years and the Nelson family (three sisters and a brother) have owned it for 30 years.  They work incredibly hard to maintain the campground and I think it must be difficult to have a job where you watch everyone else having fun.
The campground is on Potato Lake
and it has lots of amenities such as the pool plus a beach volleyball court, tennis courts, basketball, shuffleboard, and a games' room although Bob laments that the games' room no longer has good, old-fashioned pinball.
There are boat rentals down at the lake plus places to dock your own boat.
And while other lakes have the Loch Ness Monster and Ogopogo, Potato Lake seems to have its own mysterious creature.

Here's our home away from home.  Whether you have a tent, a camper or a motorhome, I highly recommend you camp here.

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