Sunday, July 20, 2014

Great Day in North Dakota

We dropped Finn at the Estevan kennel this morning and he and I hope the other dogs will shut up at some point or else poor, little Finn will miss his beauty sleep.  The kennel is pretty full and I love looking at the diversity of dog types, sizes, personalities ... kind of like people.

Our first stop was the North Dakota State Fair in Minot where, of course, I had to admire quilts.  Quilting friends can check out that eye candy at
The fair had this living tree walking around the grounds.  The poor guy inside it must have been sweltering as it was a very hot day.
This is how the cut flower entries were displayed.  In person I thought it was beautiful.  Now, as I look at the picture, it reminds me more of a graveyard.

Even you, my non-quilty friends, have to see the exceptional quilt which one Best of Show.
There were huge numbers of entries for houseplants including dozens of mother-in-law's tongue.  Who hauls these to the fair just to win a blue ribbon?
The 4-H entries were really cool.  I hope Sandy Stewart hasn't been throwing out her old horseshoes because she can be welding them into boot racks and other items.
Here are some projects Bob can make for Nathan.  If kids can make them, Bob probably can too.

I covet this bench!
I visited the sheep barn.
Some sheep started like this ...
... were clipped here....
... and ended up naked like this.  Notice the cute mop-top hairdo though.
Leah, in the poultry shed, I did not take photos of the hundreds of chickens;  I took only of the most handsome.

I hate, hate, hate pigeons but have to admit that some of the specialty ones have their own appeal.
The commercial building always have to have a cooking guy,
but they don't always have a teeth-whitening booth.  Who come to the fair to get this done?
My favorite in the commercial building was this mini golfer.  You even change his clubs depending on the shot.
You can keep repositioning the hazards to make the game more challenging.
It doesn't show up well here but Bob is checking out an outdoor shower on the palm tree.
The carnival at the fair was excellent.

From Minot we headed to the little town of New Rockford, ND to see some summer theater.  We discovered this place a few years ago and their shows are great.
They're moved to a church from their past home in an opera house.  This gives them more seating and they have a campaign going to replace the pews with theater seats.  Their seats are $300 so the ones at the Cugnet Centre are a much better deal.


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