Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bigfork in the Flathead Valley

As a flatlander I can't warm up to the heights of mountains although I do like looking at them from a distance.  That's why a vacation in the Flathead Valley works for me.  Beautiful mountains in the distance.  Flat roads to drive on.
We come to this little town each summer to see four musicals at their repertory theater, the Bigfork Summer Playhouse which has been running for 51 years.
The tiny town is made for rich tourists and for a few poor tourists like us too.
Here's my favorite store which has lots of everything.

This sign is from the store but I've put it here to show one of the important industries of the Flathead Valley.  There are cherry orchards on both sides of the lake and they are just coming into season.  Sometimes I bring 20 pounds home to make into yummy jams and to share with friends.  This year that can't happen as we are heading to Missoula and Billings before we head home and they wouldn't keep.  We just have to eat as many as we can while we're here.
Here are this year's four shows.

Tonight's was "Tarzan" and the audience was filled with very appreciative children.  At intermission the lobby was filled with kids trying to walk like apes.  The "ape" pictured below is an actor from North Carolina.
The playhouse has beautiful gardens in front of it as do all the businesses in the two block length of main street.
The restaurant next door has tomatoes in their planters.
Every year some yarn bombing takes place.
If you love live theater, you'll love this place.

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