Sunday, August 3, 2014


That's "Eureka!" as in Eureka, MT, not "eureka" as in I've got an excellent slant on how to write this entry.  Today Bob and I drove an hour to see the annual outdoor quilt show in the little town of Eureka, MT.
They've held the show for 10 years and have never had a rain-out yet.  Last night there was lots of thunder, lightning and wind, but no rain.  One of the vendors said she spent the night holding down her tent with her body.
Most of the show is held at the town's Heritage Village but the main street is also lined with quilts.

A river runs through it ... Eureka that is.
While Weyburn has its wheat, Eureka has its rod, reel, and fish.
The drive from our campground to Eureka was beautiful.
We always stay at the Whitefish KOA and its negative is that it has a really lousy pool.  Everything else about it is positive.  This is a little trail that leads us away from our campsite.
Are you wondering if it leads us into grizzly country or to some trout-fishing stream?  Actually it leads to the next campsite which has Albertans at it.  The campground is an enclave of Canadians down for the long weekend and we are surrounded by Albertans.  Bob asked permission before he set up our Roughrider lawn chairs!  Once we told the campers we knew Brett Jones, permission was granted.
We ate - and drank - at our favorite barbeque joint in Whitefish.

We capped off our meal at the best Whitefish ice cream shop.  They have favorite flavors like salty caramel and specialty flavors like orange with olive oil and basil or beer and pretzel flavored ice cream.  Other years I've tasted good ones like rhubarb and also lemon with dill.

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