Monday, August 4, 2014

Two Flatlanders Go to the Sun

Bob and I love American Sunday papers.  Starting the day with mega-pages of info and ads just works for us.
On our way to Glacier National Park, we stopped at Columbia Falls to enjoy this greenhouse which has a plant wall.

Glacier was a very busy place but we were able to find quiet areas.

Most of you know I HATE mountain roads.  Rob and Elizabeth with remember numerous trips where they taunted me to open my eyes and look over the edge of precipices.  When they were kids, we drove Going to the Sun Road here in Glacier and I have only the recollection of total terror!  Why I suggested we do the drive this year is unknown.
We only went to within a few miles of Logan's Pass.  We talked to people who went to the top and then circled and circled the parking lot, never finding any empty spaces so they couldn't even stop to use the bathroom, let alone see the views and the mountain goats.
The park operates these red buses which can take you through the park.

We took a boat trip onto Lake McDonald and learned much from the informative, young park ranger. 

The Lake McDonald Lodge is beautiful so I've added to my life list that some day we will stay here and have a room facing the water.
The two foods associated with the Flathead Valley are huckleberries and Flathead cherries.  We picked up some and headed over to visit our friends from Oxbow, the Irwins.  Sorry, huckleberries, you don't match the sweet taste of your cousins the saskatoons.
Perhaps Paris doesn't agree with my last statement as she enjoyed her huckleberry pie.
We had a great time.  Let's just say we could have talked forever.


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